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  • FIRE INTERNATIONAL  Fire International (FI) is a missionary sending oraganization who is located in Charrotte, NC.
  • FIRE Church A group of peopl who have love for mission, family and people! Dynamic team ministry and family atmosphere!
  • FIRE scool of ministry This is one of the best place to learn the Jewish roots, team ministry, passion and fire of the Holy Spirit, the message of the cross and the deep teaching of the Bible. 
  • His Mission International: FIRE team in Philippines had been building relationships with the local community for alomost 10 years. The way they work together as a team is something very unique and powerful!


  • Gulf coast christian center They have a strong emphasis on mission, faith and prayer! Very welcoming atmosphere in Mobile, AL!
  • YWAM Kona A community of believers who are devoted to educate and train people to reach the world! 
  • YWAM Perth One of the fast growing YWAM base with creative and passionate people! 
  • Regent University One of the best place to gain more knowledge and love toward the body of Christ through learning our history, thoughts and people from the past. 




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