Support groups:


This is a house chruch that meets once a month. In this group, we enjoy and taste the word of God which is written word and living Word, praise and worship, have a communion and fellowhip with each other.


This is for the members of OCC and the people who are not Christians but have an interest toward the bible and the church.


Groups meet at different locations so if you are interested in coming, let us know beforehand so we could assist you. 



Different types of groups


1. Yuntaku: Yuntaku means talk! in Okinawan language. This is an unique combination of professional construction workers and teenagers :)


2. Maria: It means Mary in Japanese. This group is filled with the heart of mothers


3. Himawari: It means Sunflower in Japanese. Tenderness and blessing of the Father is the core of this group.


4. Happiness: This group is very active in many ways and love to bake! That means a lot of sweets!


5. Ruth club: This group loves agriculture and people! They are located in the country side with beautiful beaches and mountain!


6. A band of muster seed: This is a place that you never ran out of resource of rice and people. There is a special blessing on this group that attracts people! They are located in different prefecture.







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