pastoral team

Sasagu Yoda (pastor,team leader)


I am blessed with my beautiful and wise wife! I am a deep thinker, carpenter, surfer and skateboarder. I love to go out and meet people and listen to thier story but my wife says I don't listen to hers...oooppps!


A great lesson that I am learning right now is" if I can only achieve my personal relationship with God on my own, I don't need others." In another words, we don't get completed unless we become a part of the Body. We could be totally unique and still be connected to the Body becuase every part is very different from each other. 



・FIRE international missionary

・Regent University school of Biblical and theologal study


Find me on Facebook: sasagu yoda




Junko Yoda (pastor)


My life motto is "no regret". I want to enjoy and appriciate every moment of my life, people I meet, places I go, every season, nature and creation God made so beautifully!  I am very optimistic, and layback :)


Since we moved back to Okinawa in the end of 2010, my new adventure has started: exploraring this mysterious and attractive island of Okinawa and its people! My husband laughs at me because of my curiosity and all kind of  questions I ask... i want to know everything!



my favorite thing: vintage & antique furnitures, coffee, sky, especially at the time of sunset, traveling (esp. mission trips!!), hydrangea, my living room, cooking, arts & crafts, and finding treasures in people.


  • Brownsville Revival School of Ministry (BRSM)
  • Fire International Missionary 2003~



Find me on Facebook: junko. N. yoda 


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