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OCC family Christmas Party

Great foods, great desserts, and great fellowship as a big family fellowship! It was a great joy that we can celebrate Christmas with young and old, Japanese and Americans! Following dinner, we watched a movie with everyone!




OCC Cafe Candle Night

Dec.9th was "OCC Cafe Christmas Candle Night". We had a special time with our friends and love ones! Christmas Jazz Live was really awesome... The Christmas Message was really touched our hearts. As we light the candles, we remembered the Light with in us. It was so beautiful to see all the candles shining in the darkness! 




Baby Dedication

We had a baby dedication for Shion, who was born on Aug. 26th. She is now 3.5 months, health and happy baby. We prayed for blessing over her life. Let her be the one who are known to be loved by God and by men!




Living room worship

We started a new style of worship on Sunday morning gathering. There was no worship team and no messanger. One this day, everyone was the messanger and some expressed thier message by painting a picture, singing a song, words of encouragement, playing an intrument, and prayer. We are planning to hold this meeting every once a month and are filled with great anticipation!  




Support groups update!

It has been a while since we update on this subject. This is a group called "Yuntaku" which means "talk" and mostly consisted of professional construction workers. Every now and then, you will listen to some interesting experience they had at the job site and their wisdom they gain through long time experience. Now, we have an American in our family which bring this group to another fun experience. Let us just say that we have been blessed! 




We started a bilingual service!

We are blessed to have some English speakers coming to our gathering and felt a strong need for a bilingual service. It is still an experimental but we are looking forward to see how this will turn out!




OCC café has started!

It has been almost 2years since we moved to our new location. We've gotten to know this area and experinced many wonderful moment with our community. Through those experiences, we decided to serve the community by providing a warm and relaxing place with heart to heart conversation. You can go to our website and check it out! 




Funeral seminer!

so why we talk about funeral on a beautiful sunday afternoon?!
As a family church, we desire to be involved with all aspect of lives of people and communities. From baby birth to teenagers life, wedding,... to funeral. We wanted to have some time to learn and talk about "how to finish", so having funeral professionals over to talk about it, we had a great time!! We learnd the processes, costs for to hold a traditional or Christian style funeral, how to communicate one's will to family members, what to prepare for ourselves and families... All perticipants for this seminer were so happy to learn about it and openly talk about this important subject.  




A large Tyhoon is approaching...

a large tyhoon (#4) is going to hit Okinawa tonight (18th Monday). We have to bring everything, which is planters, garden table & chairs, signs.... outside to inside of our church building. 

Praying that she passes us pretty quick, without leaving any damages..

It has been really muggy and hot here in Okinawa as this thyhoon approaching, looking forward to see the cleared sky after she passes! 




K-Gospel Concert

We had wonderful guests from Korea came to OCC!

It was an awesome time of wonderful music, full of Love! It doesn't matter the difference in languages or countries...  Yan san and Shim san was so friendly and their smile warmed our hearts! We felt how much God loves Japan as their passionate love from our country!!! We are looking forward to see them again in future!







Our first marrige course has started!

Our first marriage course was a great success! We had two married couple who had been married for more than 20 years and they gave us comments like "We had such a special time together" "We heard something we never heard from each other since we got married and it was very sweet" We have 6 more session for this course and please keep us in your prayers! 







OCC Vision for 2012

Our vision for 2011 were: 


1. come to know our hearts

2. come to know each other and get connected. 


Our vision for 2012 is:


Make the net and make it work! Network!


Acts2:46-47 "Every day they continued to meet together in the temple courts. They broke bread in their homes and ate together with glad and sincere hearts, 47 praising God and enjoying the favor of all the people. And the Lord added to their number daily those who were being saved."


We are going to pursue a deeper relationship within our family so that it becomes like one big net. Then we are going to learn to work together as a team to hold the net. The Lord will bring the hungry hearts as He wishes.






family christmas

Christmas Day was Sunday Worship and Family Christmas! we had children's choir singing, and delicious potluck lunch....!!


This year, Volunteers from US Maries who base in Okinawa gave our kids many awesome gifts.. that brought BIG BIG smile on their faces and parents' too as you can easily imagine!


Merry Christmas to you too!




Christmas Eve Candle Service

We had our first Christmas Eve Serivice on 24th.

Christmas lights were so pretty and warm, and we gathered and sang Christmas hyms, remebering Jesus, and Amazing Grace He has brought to us.

After turning all the lights in the room, we lighted candels one by one.. and we heard about His love, and what we had given. It was so intimate, deep and warm time to refrect the Light.


After the service was a party!! we had cakes and pies lined up on the counter and totally enjoyed cake buffet! :) Check out "Photos" for more pics!




OCC Website!!

We have been preparing for this website for past 2 months and it finally ready to open!! :)


We will updates pictures, videos, and announcements on this blog page, so come back and check it out!


From OCC top page (okinawa-cc.com) you can go to Sasagu Carpentry, Marrige couse, etc.. those sites will be updated occationaly, so don't forget to stop by!



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